Quality at its Finest,

Salmon at its Best

Our Brands

Considered as the Wagyu of Salmon, Akaroa comes from the pristine waters of Lucas Bay, New Zealand – home of a wild salmon population. Air-flown chilled within hours of harvest, Akaroa Salmon is guaranteed fresh at all times.
Enliven any gathering with Prime New Zealand Smoked Salmon as canapes or as a complement to your favorite dish. Our experts use native New Zealand Manuka wood chips to produce a remarkably unique flavor – subtly smoky with a hint of sweetness.
Gold Standard Premium Salmon Selection offers a wide range of products. The elegant balance of flavors and soft, buttery texture provides a delicate mouthfeel, making every product a pleasure to eat.
As your everyday salmon, Superfish offers a wide range of affordable salmon products that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. One will undoubtedly delight in its everyday salmon goodness.

Smoked Salmon

Crafted through years of excellence, our Smoked Salmon is checked by experts to ensure that every batch is succulent, delicate, creamy, and perfectly smoked using Manuka honey wood.

Raw Salmon Fillet

Packed with amazing health benefits, our raw salmon fillet is rich in nutrients and very low in calories. Carefully pin-boned at our state-of-the-art processing plant, our Raw Salmon Fillet is definitely a must-try.

Whole Salmon

Quality is our priority. We source our salmon from all over the world, guaranteeing the best quality.

Health Benefits

Salmon has many unique health benefits. They provide a good source of high-quality protein and heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids.


Decreases risks of cardiovascular problems


Improves the immune system against bacterial and viral infections


Replenishes the body with essential amino acids


Converts fat and carbohydrates into energy


Aids melatonin production for better sleep and seratonin production against depression

Our Facility

Big Glory Bay Salmon and Seafood Company Inc. is a pioneering world-class salmon production facility in the Philippines.

Our state-of the-art plant in General Santos City is equipped with an ultra-hygienic processing facility that uses the latest technology. We are certified by HACCP, FDA, and MINHA (Halal Certification).